Fallow Times & Seedlings

cropped-image.jpegEveryone has cycles of energy just as Nature is in a constant energy cycle. Winter is the obvious fallow season where the Earth and trees are bare but much life is building underground getting ready for Spring shoots.

Everything has a beginning and a middle, and everything has an end until the wheel turns again. The fallow or seemingly inactive times can be filled with existential angst. And I should know that, it feels like a very very long fallow time though healthy seeds were planted last year which are becoming stronger and growing and that feels all kinds of awesome.

Fallow times are for regenerating and being present to inner experience, dreaming of the next project, visualising the plan and writing down some goals or journaling away your inspiration until the work takes shape. If this fallow time is a little longer than you’d like then perhaps there is more you need to process to heal and create again. Use it to reflect on what’s going on in your head and heart. Take a good look at what gives you pleasure, what interests you, what is important and where you want to put your energy. Where attention goes energy goes and where energy goes there is growth. There are gems in fallow times where we release the stale and start birthing new ideas. Not to mention just enjoying the peak of your current cycle and how far you’ve come already.

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By Anne Schouvey

Modalities for vitality & holistic selfcare. Ayurveda, Breathwork, Reiki and Yoga. > Boundless Energy eCourse. > Yoga SocialEat > Medical Herbalism student

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