I’m Anne and this platform is the umbrella under which I offer modalities for your wellbeing and vitality – predominently Herbalism, Ayurveda, and Yoga .

My primary online contribution is Boundless Energy, an 8-week Wellness programme offering you a lifestyle overhaul essentially based on Ayurveda for optimum vigour. Each class is filled with pragmatic and uplifting strategies to reclaim your peak energy and thrive.

 With this course I offer selfcare counselling utilising my knowledge and study of Ayurveda, Yoga, Breathwork and practises rooted in Earth-based traditions to support the modern lifestyle and connect with deep energy sources.

Through practical daily routines I take a holistic approach to create wellbeing and maximum vibrancy so your energy levels soar.

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About The Course

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For a little background about my journey and education in Ayurveda, Herbalism and natural healing modalities to create vitality in mind and body read my bio here

In others’ words

“I’ve had a tough year and felt the need to invest in “me”. After just 8 weeks, I’ve managed to change, what I thought were, lifetime bad habits and have more awareness of my emotional and physical wellbeing. Sleeping better being my proudest outcome! From learning some ayurvedic principles I feel more in tune and accepting of myself and more geared up to incorporate this into my daily life and lifestyle choices.

Anne delivers this course to appeal to any learning style with text and visuals to dissect the complexities of some of the ayurvedic language. Anne’s always there to address queries and concerns and creates an online community where you can share ideas, give advice and get to know new people. So you never feel alone. This space offers a safe haven where you don’t feel judged or critisized, at all.

Thank you so much Anne. You’ve helped me to self nurture and I’m looking forward to taking the techniques I’ve learnt into the new year!”
– Yvonne, London

“I have always felt that there is so much wisdom available to us in Ayurveda, I just didn’t know enough about it to make use of it.” Anne’s course changed that. This course gives you a beautiful complete view into the basics of Ayurveda, and gives you the tools to deepen your practice where you feel inspired to. Thank you Anne, for making this course available!”

– Iris Suurland, Founder of Nabalo.com

”Just needed to share… the information you’re providing Anne, it’s simplicity to understand and the way you have guided to additional information in “A Pukka Life” etc has just enabled me to have one of the best night’s sleep in years!!! Living hectically and not cooking… grabbing food on the go etc… WOW. The feeling in my body today is absolute BLISS… I’m so grateful for your 4 years of research, collaboration and creation. THANK YOU”

– Sharon King, Sales & Life Coach

“Absolutely loved Boundless Energy Course, did not have a lot of knowledge regarding Ayurveda prior to the course.
Anne guided me beautifully step by step, pointing out intricately how to boost energy and to adjust life style choices in a manageable way.
It was a wonderful authentic journey, gently introducing change with the benefits of nourishment through the day and night.
The new routines i have continued, energy levels have stayed higher and the days are fuller.
Thank you”

– Amanda De-Winton Gilbert, Mother of three spirited boys

“I was super lucky recently to go on Anne’s wonderful Ayurveda course. I have always had an interest in Ayurveda but hadn’t managed delve deep as yet. I am a pretty healthy person generally, I eat well, exercise and meditate as often as possible so I wasn’t sure how much I’d get out of it, but Anne has a wide knowledge of information to tap into and I learnt a lot.

Each lesson, each week slowly immerses you in Ayurveda so it really absorbs into your every day life and you can make subtle but really effective changes. She also really helps to bring your awareness to your emotions, daily routines, triggers etc so you can find little or large things that need to shift and change to bring more balance and energy to your life. I really loved learning about Ayurveda and how it effected me personally, what and when throughout the day I needed to change things, when I should ease off and rest, the best times for me to be active etc.

There are also lessons on Nutrition and Morning routines that I loved and have incorporated into my daily routine, these are great and really about looking after yourself, which as a mum of two I definitely neglect. It’s also been really interesting to adapt these lessons and techniques to my children and their behaviour, which has been really beneficial. Some things are obvious but easily missed and Anne links everything together for you to see things really clearly. She has a wealth of knowledge and on the weekly calls I felt I could ask anything and I also met some great conscious knowledgable women to share our weekly experiences with. I miss this course already! Such a great experience.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a kick start to a healthier, happier you.”

– Ella Annaheim, Maui/Hawaii

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