The Triple Warmer & The Strange Flows

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Energy psychology is based on the meridians, the energy pathways used in acupuncture. It stems from negative emotions being the result of disruption in the body’s energy system and how to unblock the flow. Our body’s immune system has two complementary aspects at an energy level known as the triple warmer and the strange flows. The triple warmer located in the lower abdomen is concerned with survival. It shows as fight, flight, freeze or extreme stress if disconnected, or feeling safe if connected or healthy. It stimulates the immune system to deal with bacteria, germs and viruses and helps you react quickly when in danger. It also releases adrenaline to deal with emergency. Overstimulated it turns us into stress junkies hooked on drama & conflict. The triple warmer is like your allopathic medicine to control & suppress symptoms & battle disease. On the other end the strange flows are your holistic health/self-care. They deal with causes rather than symptoms and aim to keep the body in harmony, balance, giving us natural resilience. They have no fixed pathways (though majour meridians travel from your base chakra up your spine to the crown and back down the front of the body) & instantly go where they are needed in the body’s energy system, interconnecting the energy systems of the body like hyperlinks. They tap into your Chi reserves. They are linked with joy, bliss, vitality, gratitude, laughter, intuition, spontaneity, feeling alive & positive. In our modern life we very much need to soothe our triple warmer and activate the strange flows. Harmonise the triple warmer by taking comfortable expansive breaths in the abdomen, engaging the diaphragm and bringing an intention to deeply relax the area around your solar plexus and lower abdomen. You can also use EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique,  tapping the area just below your eye with one finger whilst repeating “Even though I have (this problem) I completely love and accept myself” or words to that effect until you feel relief (you can also repeat during the day or daily). The strange flows can be activated by focusing on the loop circle of energy described earlier or they respond rapidly to thoughts, feelings & imagination so can be stimulated by positive thinking, gratitude, forgiveness and optimistic visualisation. “Pretending” to be happy, stretching, wild dancing, spending time in nature, watching a sunset, having an orgasm or focussing on love can all release them as does doing something different from the ordinary. When they are flowing we feel wilder and joyful. Urgent medicine for the soul!

👆🏻 Inspired by the work of Gill Edwards.

By Anne Schouvey

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