The Three Cauldrons

The kind of cauldron you want…

In the belly sits The Cauldron of Warming, low in your gut, as a visceral energy at your base. It encapsulates the wellbeing of your body and could be linked to the lower chakras from Ayurveda or the lower tan tien of Chinese medicine. It rules your sense of being grounded, centered, safe and vital, all aspects we need to nourish in this season with practices and plants that give us roots, earth any frazzle, calm our nervous system with healthy routines and basically warm our cockles all over. 

The Cauldron of Vocation lives in your heart though also linked to the solar plexus. This is a sense of being alive and living on purpose, aligned and driven by what you love. It is a link to soul and is activated by all that makes us sad or gives us true delight. It is about being in this world and of this world as opposed to checking out, fully embracing the truth of who we are, honestly, here, now, fully engaged and leading from the heart intuitively. Letting what hurts hurt, dropping the armour and taking true joy in the company of what holds meaning to you.

The Cauldron of Wisdom is what it says, our higher path, a link to spirituality and the divine in whatever form you may conceive it. It is the pursuit of your gifts and the maturity of experience, living a soulful life, treading with care, curiosity and sage acumen.  

I came across the three cauldron first listening to a podcast by Natasha Richardson of Forage Botanicals interviewing Nathaniel Hughes about the wonders (literally) of mugwort, then again in Nathaniel’s books Intuitive Herbalism and Weeds in the Heart. 

The Three Cauldrons of Poesy is an Irish text from the 17th century originally written as forms of poetic inspirations. Nathaniel explains that “the cauldron itself is an archetypal symbol in the Celtic traditions, a magical vessel of transformation and the container of wisdom and inspiration. (…) also means a whirlpool, suggesting a dynamic, living process.” Find his work to read more in his touching words. 

By Anne Schouvey

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