Reiki is a hands-on bodywork practise developed by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th century. It refers to a natural healing practise that channels universal energy to intuitively send healing to any part of the body that needs it and clear blockages, to support the body’s innate functions, balance the immune system and provide a holistic treatment. It uses, but is not restricted to, the meridians, chakras and nadis – the energy channels in the body which have been thoroughly researched and explained in Asian traditional medicine.

Rei in Japan is the universal or cosmic energy. Ki is the life force, as is Chi in China, Prana in India and Mana in Hawaii.

Reiki is the art and science of using universal life energy to balance your energies throughout your whole physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. The treatment will release, activate, energise or transform energy within you for health and wellbeing. It replenishes and harmonises and is especially helpful in the case of chronic problems.

The hands are placed on the body at various key points whilst the patient is fully dressed and wrapped in a blanket for comfort.

Reiki is a powerful recuperative tool for a wide range of conditions from stress relief, fatigue to more serious and specific physical ailments.  It also efficiently supports clinical or medical treatment providing a welcome balm of wellbeing when facing other intrusive treatments.

I practise Reiki healing from a beautiful home studio. Treatment is an hour for £35, count another 15 minutes to arrive and gently settle in & out, with music, essential oil and blankets to support a comfortable relaxing experience. 

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“I have read about Reiki but never experienced it until three weeks of respiratory illness left me weak and fragile.

This was my first Reiki session with Anne or anyone else and I was unsure what to expect. I wasn’t even sure if I can lay there for a good hour due to my persistent coughing fits. And these thoughts made me a bit anxious as I did not want these fits to ruin my whole experience.

Before Anne started the session, she explained the procedure and the aim of it.  As soon as I laid down and my eyes were covered and Anne laid her hands to my head to start the session, I felt peace in my whole body. I let my body and mind go by listening to the soothing background music and concentrated on the warm feeling/sensation her hands were releasing into my body. For my surprise, I experienced the warm feeling more intense in these parts of my body which had been battered by illness. 

After the session, I felt really relaxed and rejuvenated i.e like being woken up from a short nap even though I was not asleep. I realised that I wasn’t interrupted at all by my stubborn cough. I felt lightness in my head and in the whole body for the rest of the day. As I felt different after the session, I do believe that some blocked chakras due to illness were released thanks to Anne’s peaceful energy.  A very positive experience, thank you Anne!“

Marge Barnes  21.05.2019

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