Yoga Tuitions & Classes

The lowdown

Classes for beginners and practised beginners.

Restorative gentle but deceptively powerful Hatha yoga that will leave you grounded and re-energised. Mixed with a dash of Vinyasa to keep the circuits moving.

Be guided into tranquility as I walk you through each posture with clear instructions and a guided meditation, enabling you to find ease and go deeper into relaxation.

A refreshing class taking you on a journey far away from today’s stresses and family pressure.

Hatha practise in the tradition of Integral Yoga which is a methodical system integrating all branches of yoga for health and harmony.

I am also educated in Ayurveda, the holistic healthcare practise of India for longevity and wellbeing.

What Integral Hatha Yoga is good for:5159C43C-5C61-4097-954C-C771591EB83C

  • Supports the flexibility & strength of the spine
  • Tones & strengthens the overall body
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Balances hormones and energy levels
  • Heals the effects of chronic stress
  • Quietens a restless mind
  • Beats fatigue

Come find a space to relax, let go and surrender to yourself.

I currently teach the following classes:

Everyone Active Rossmore
7.30-8.30pm Wednesday
Everyone Active Dolphin
1-2pm Thursday
Everyone Active Ashdown
10-11.15am Friday

For 1:1 and 2:1 enquire with / 07946242573.

Also available for classes & cover on demand.


“I’ve attended Anne’s yoga classes for over 18 months now, both in a group and 1-2-1’s. I highly recommend her.

Her kind energy and commitment are always evident; she provides such variety and challenges me but adapts her plan or suggests alternatives if I have an existing injury. I always feel better after her class – calmer, more connected with myself, energised and  inspired. Thank you Anne 🙏”

Antonia, 1-2-1 from home studio

“I did not expect to enjoy yoga as I have always been so hyperactive and done high cardiovascular sports only. I thought I that I would not be able to concentrate and would not have the patience and enough flexibility to do yoga. How wrong I was! My flexibility has improved week by week, I have learned to switch off my thoughts and concentrate on each exercise. I feel that my problematic shoulder and back area feels much lighter and without muscle tension anymore. I enjoy your class as it is never the same, we learn different postures which makes the class enjoyable, interesting and on a personal level challenging. You always take time to explain and show how to execute the postures correctly. Your deep relaxation and breathing exercise at the end of each session is so good a finale to the class and I really feel purified and energised after each class. Thank you for introducing me to yoga and helping to discover something new in me!”

Marge Vosa Barnes, Studio 34

“Anne’s yoga offers a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience. I love the eye exercises and Anne has a very soothing voice with the yoga chants. The poses are expertly demonstrated and I particularly found the relaxation session at the end a great opportunity to leave everything behind and relax deeply. Thanks Anne for some lovely yoga.”

Debbie Stoner, Images

“You have increased in confidence hugely in your yoga sessions, and I really enjoy coming to them.
As you know I’m one of your older clients and I have been to yoga sessions before, but because you are calm and demonstrate the principles of the exercises so patiently, I feel I have increased to confidence too! I am certainly pushing myself much further than I did and I’m delighted. The meditation session is just as important to me in this fast- moving world, and gives me space to think about “me” without feeling selfish. I do feel calmer when we have finished.”

Gilly Williams, Images

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