NALU herbals

Nalu is the Hawaiian word for wave, a little wink at our seaside living.

Nalu is also a skill of contemplative manifestation, a meditative state of positive expectation.

NALU herbals is starting up as a range of essential oil blends, pulse points pocket rollers and body oils, for mood boosting with aroma and plant wisdom to help you find that state of serenity and equanimity where good things happen.

Our inspiration runs far and wide and our offering is the end product of a combination of fascinations for Ayurveda, Plant Medicine, traditional ancestral wisdom from the East and West, living by the sea, hair, skin and soul open wide to the elements and Nature, Pachamama.

Bear with us as we are incubating still. This is a love project, but a slow cooking one. We want to get it just right, and need all the chemistry and legal approvals whilst also going through Herbal Medicine school so feel free to come back in a little while when we are ready to launch. It is happening!

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