Liquid gold

imageI’ll keep this post real short with having a mad dash week (haven’t we all) but that doesn’t make this advice any less important.

Sip. Hot. Water.

All day.

Ayurveda has a different view to drinking water to the one we have all grown to in the West. One that naturally agrees with me but as always you must test it for yourself and do what’s right for you and your personal constitution. It must work for your specific nature.

We usually hear a recommendation to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. I know I get uncomfortable, especially if I drink around meals or food. In fact Ayurvedic wisdom does not advise drinking too much with your meals or just before/after but keep your liquid intake a good distance from breakfast/lunch/dinner. Drink when you’re thirsty, not because you have to (beware in older age though as you lose your sense of thirst & must drink more than you think). Drink room temperature water or warmer but not chilled/frozen drinks. And sip small amounts all day rather than chug a large amount in one go. Simple rules.

For extra support with your digestion and on-going cleansing, sip hot water all day. Keep a thermos with boiled water and sip small amounts every hour or more frequently if you’d like. The water should be hot to a level you can just about drink it (don’t burn yourself though, there’s nothing worse than burning your tongue and losing your taste buds in my book!) You could add a little freshly grated ginger to taste. This effortless method will gradually rid you of ama (clogged up waste matter). You might start noticing coating on your tongue as toxins are eliminated. The habit of drinking regularly will keep you focussed on your body & health, and awareness is the best medicine. Urges for unhealthy foods might even start falling by the wayside.

Cheap & easy, why wouldn’t you?



By Anne Schouvey

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