The Triple Warmer & The Strange Flows

Ella Annaheim Photography Energy psychology is based on the meridians, the energy pathways used in acupuncture. It stems from negative emotions being the result of disruption in the body’s energy system and how to unblock the flow. Our body’s immune system has two complementary aspects at an energy level known as the triple warmer and…… Continue reading The Triple Warmer & The Strange Flows

The Hawaiian Way of the Adventurer

If you’re in my entourage then you are well acquainted with my (other) odd fascination with all things Hawaiian, and for everybody else this is me coming clean. Magnum PI had a lot to answer for in the early years but as I have supposedly become a grown-up so have surf legends, the appeal of fierce…… Continue reading The Hawaiian Way of the Adventurer

The perks of a midlife crisis

Midlife. Years of running fast around the wheel like a hamster in a cage trying to make it big in the city then full 180. Drop off everything. Take on yoga teaching. Get wellies and an allotment. And now what? That sneaky little existential crisis that creeps up on you. If you’re there (I’m there), you’ll know the…… Continue reading The perks of a midlife crisis

5 quick stress-busting tools

This week I’m thinking a little out of the box. My true passion is for Ayurveda but I realise not everyone has the space to implement time-taking techniques around their busy-buzzing days. Although if I must say, the clue is in the pudding. When you are over-scheduled is exactly when you should make the time.…… Continue reading 5 quick stress-busting tools

Digging into Vata dosha

Ayurveda is a combination of complex analytic knowledge and simple practical solutions. It encompasses a deep understanding of the intricacies of our environment, our bodies and the elaborate mechanisms that operate them and at the same time it suggests clear, coherent, intelligent and uncomplicated information and practises for dealing with disharmony in body and mind.…… Continue reading Digging into Vata dosha

Self-love in the shower

Do I have your attention yet? It sounds a bit kinky but a very innocent post afterall. Snehana is the Sanskrit word for oleation or lubrication – and Sneha expresses a feeling of “stupendous love and immense tenderness” (Maya Tiwari). For years now I had been meaning to introduce daily Abhyanga (warm oil self-massage) but life taking…… Continue reading Self-love in the shower