Mini Monograph of the Month, turmeric

It’s a thing!This is Curcuma Longa, better known as turmeric. From the Zingiberaceae family. The part of the plant used is the rhizome. It has a long history as a therapeutic in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine to aid with digestion and liver protection, considered cornerstones of good health. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory which may…… Continue reading Mini Monograph of the Month, turmeric

A Disco Ball That Packs A Punch, recipe inside

Simple to make and full of flavours these energy balls are great to keep in your bag, lunchbox or for when the kids get home. Use them whenever you need that little bit of natural energy boost but don’t want to load your digestive system.  They are moreish though and will patch up energy leaks…… Continue reading A Disco Ball That Packs A Punch, recipe inside

Going sugar-free + my quinoa salad recipe

It’s spring clean time! On Monday I start Sarah Wilson’s 8-weeks “I Quit Sugar” programme. Who’s in? After reading articles and glimpses of her work here and there for a few years I’ve finally got myself equipped with the books and going all at it. Sarah has a very practical, clear and fact-based approach which makes total sense.…… Continue reading Going sugar-free + my quinoa salad recipe

Figs & Pomegranates as Superfoods

Superfoods are nutritional gems the supermarkets have all clocked on. But have you ever heard of figs and pomegranates as superfoods? You’re about to. According to Ayurveda both are tridoshic meaning that they are nourishing and supportive of all 3 doshas, the 3 basic humours (see here for a reminder). Their composition makes them highly…… Continue reading Figs & Pomegranates as Superfoods

On being present, with Hot Coco Cacao

Ayurvedic wisdom says that our waking consciousness rests in the heart. Experiencing how your mind lives in your heart is central to understanding how your feelings and emotions affect your experience of wholeness. Sebastian Pole – A Pukka Life, Finding your path to perfect health. It’s a grey wet February day, perfect for going inward and…… Continue reading On being present, with Hot Coco Cacao

When life throws you lemons

This beautiful picture of organic Bangalow Bush lemons is my inspiration this week and it comes credit to Lorien Waldron from Wholesome Loving Goodness all the way over the pond in sunny Byron Bay, Australia. I absolutely love this picture and from now on it will be my blog profile picture and a banner on…… Continue reading When life throws you lemons

Snappy lassi recipe

Yoghurt is something of a superfood in Ayurveda, a natural energizer. It is sattvic which means it is energy-producing – as opposed to a tamasic food which would create dullness and lethargy in the body. These days if you’re interested somewhat in living a healthy lifestyle then you’ll have come across the barrage of information…… Continue reading Snappy lassi recipe

Chai tea

  Chai has become my morning go-to. I love the smell of the spices and it seems to refresh me and get me started for the day like nothing else. You might be familiar with it and have your own recipe but here is one you can easily make at home. It’s a very grounding…… Continue reading Chai tea