One for the mothers of young children

“Baby, where’d you get your body from? Tell me, where’d you get your body from? I got it from my Mama” Will.I.Am A lot of my friends and readers (friends readers…) are mothers with little people and although there are no two mums alike, no two kids alike and no two families alike some common ground is helpful…… Continue reading One for the mothers of young children

Start the year with a fresh palate

I am slowly waking up from my deep winter hibernation to wish you all a happy new year. And so you’d have guessed I’m not referring to a new colour scheme for your wardrobe but mouth hygiene. Where’s the glamour in that? Better health begins this January. If we want to start the year the way we mean to carry on…… Continue reading Start the year with a fresh palate

When life throws you lemons

This beautiful picture of organic Bangalow Bush lemons is my inspiration this week and it comes credit to Lorien Waldron from Wholesome Loving Goodness all the way over the pond in sunny Byron Bay, Australia. I absolutely love this picture and from now on it will be my blog profile picture and a banner on…… Continue reading When life throws you lemons

Self-love in the shower

Do I have your attention yet? It sounds a bit kinky but a very innocent post afterall. Snehana is the Sanskrit word for oleation or lubrication – and Sneha expresses a feeling of “stupendous love and immense tenderness” (Maya Tiwari). For years now I had been meaning to introduce daily Abhyanga (warm oil self-massage) but life taking…… Continue reading Self-love in the shower