Self-love in the shower

Do I have your attention yet? It sounds a bit kinky but a very innocent post afterall. Snehana is the Sanskrit word for oleation or lubrication – and Sneha expresses a feeling of “stupendous love and immense tenderness” (Maya Tiwari). For years now I had been meaning to introduce daily Abhyanga (warm oil self-massage) but life taking…… Continue reading Self-love in the shower

Choosing Health

“With access to better information people invariably make better choices for their health” David Wolfe – Food Matters There’s a very good reason why this post is called Choosing Health and that is because it is the exact title for a White Paper the National Health Service (NHS) published in 2004, one that concluded with the…… Continue reading Choosing Health

Chakras 101

Amazing what you can learn on a children’s programme aka how to open your 7 Chakras (click on the link you’ll be surprised)