Start the year with a fresh palate

I am slowly waking up from my deep winter hibernation to wish you all a happy new year. And so you’d have guessed I’m not referring to a new colour scheme for your wardrobe but mouth hygiene. Where’s the glamour in that? Better health begins this January. If we want to start the year the way we mean to carry on…… Continue reading Start the year with a fresh palate

Happy Yuletide

Merry Christmas everyone! So yes I’m feeling the vibe. Having gone all anti-Christmas the last 2 years and with reservations again this year. Apprehending the big commercial event, the forced over-spending on all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons, gluttony and all other craziness. But yeah, I’m feeling it. In good measure because…… Continue reading Happy Yuletide

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Liquid gold

I’ll keep this post real short with having a mad dash week (haven’t we all) but that doesn’t make this advice any less important. Sip. Hot. Water. All day. Ayurveda has a different view to drinking water to the one we have all grown to in the West. One that naturally agrees with me but…… Continue reading Liquid gold

When life throws you lemons

This beautiful picture of organic Bangalow Bush lemons is my inspiration this week and it comes credit to Lorien Waldron from Wholesome Loving Goodness all the way over the pond in sunny Byron Bay, Australia. I absolutely love this picture and from now on it will be my blog profile picture and a banner on…… Continue reading When life throws you lemons

Just you watch

I am changing my weekly posting day to Thursday since I figured it’s passed Wednesday but not Friday, the week-end seems in reach but not quite there yet and it might just be the right time for an energy booster. So while I’m not officially posting this lovely Monday morning I just want to share…… Continue reading Just you watch

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The Art of Eating Well

“The quality of digestion is a major factor in promoting vital biological energy” Deepak Chopra A few weeks in and I’m really laying out my panoply of Ayurvedic instruments already. Healthy digestion is the foundation of healthy bodily tissues. From proper food assimilation and the elimination of toxic impurities the layers of our body are…… Continue reading The Art of Eating Well

5 quick stress-busting tools

This week I’m thinking a little out of the box. My true passion is for Ayurveda but I realise not everyone has the space to implement time-taking techniques around their busy-buzzing days. Although if I must say, the clue is in the pudding. When you are over-scheduled is exactly when you should make the time.…… Continue reading 5 quick stress-busting tools

Snappy lassi recipe

Yoghurt is something of a superfood in Ayurveda, a natural energizer. It is sattvic which means it is energy-producing – as opposed to a tamasic food which would create dullness and lethargy in the body. These days if you’re interested somewhat in living a healthy lifestyle then you’ll have come across the barrage of information…… Continue reading Snappy lassi recipe

Digging into Vata dosha

Ayurveda is a combination of complex analytic knowledge and simple practical solutions. It encompasses a deep understanding of the intricacies of our environment, our bodies and the elaborate mechanisms that operate them and at the same time it suggests clear, coherent, intelligent and uncomplicated information and practises for dealing with disharmony in body and mind.…… Continue reading Digging into Vata dosha