A Disco Ball That Packs A Punch, recipe inside

Simple to make and full of flavours these energy balls are great to keep in your bag, lunchbox or for when the kids get home. Use them whenever you need that little bit of natural energy boost but don’t want to load your digestive system.  They are moreish though and will patch up energy leaks…… Continue reading A Disco Ball That Packs A Punch, recipe inside

Spring Clean Your Energy

Spring has sprung early Boundless Energy Class of Spring 2018 Opens for registration How did it start? You know the phrase feel the fear and do it anyway. We are serenaded this idea that we should not bother about the fear factor and just do it already, figure it out later. I guess some of…… Continue reading Spring Clean Your Energy

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4 Steps To Happy

“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same” Carlos Castaneda Wellbeing, energy and vitality are in essence what The Ayurvedic Lab is about and as much as practical solutions based on lifestyle, diet, daily routines and a healthy regime are the solid building blocks we use,…… Continue reading 4 Steps To Happy

The Hawaiian Way of the Adventurer

If you’re in my entourage then you are well acquainted with my (other) odd fascination with all things Hawaiian, and for everybody else this is me coming clean. Magnum PI had a lot to answer for in the early years but as I have supposedly become a grown-up so have surf legends, the appeal of fierce…… Continue reading The Hawaiian Way of the Adventurer

The Longest Night

The Winter Solstice, shortest day of the year, longest night. It had me thinking a little. This time of year the nights are clearly at their fullest and darkest though if you live in an urban area you really wouldn’t notice much. I was reading from a very unlikely source (an ode to black by…… Continue reading The Longest Night

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The perks of a midlife crisis

Midlife. Years of running fast around the wheel like a hamster in a cage trying to make it big in the city then full 180. Drop off everything. Take on yoga teaching. Get wellies and an allotment. And now what? That sneaky little existential crisis that creeps up on you. If you’re there (I’m there), you’ll know the…… Continue reading The perks of a midlife crisis