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Spring has sprung early

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Class of Spring 2018
Opens for registration

How did it start?

You know the phrase feel the fear and do it anyway.

We are serenaded this idea that we should not bother about the fear factor and just do it already, figure it out later. I guess some of us need the extra push. Me? I’m a champion at pushing myself into situations I haven’t assessed for damage control. I always wanted more and never gave much thought to the consequences. Moving country with only a little business school handle at English, the better job, promotion, move to London. Asking for more responsibilities whether or not I was actually qualified for any of it, pushing through the ladder without concern about what that would mean when I got there.

Until I got the big job, busy life, title & salary and now I had to deliver. It was fun a short while then it caught up with me. The competition was fierce, the responsibilities piled up, the demands were much bigger than they used to be before Manager X came in. I still wasn’t qualified. I didn’t get a break from anyone needless to say. I was coping mostly and then there was those 30% of the time where I was totally and utterly out of my depth attending meetings with heads of industry about intricate financial products I only had a gross understanding of.

My stress levels were beyond anything, I was totally over-whelmed, sleeping badly, suffering crippling digestive issues, overweight from working/partying hard, the only way I knew how to take my mind off things. Mostly I was drained. Tired. Exhausted.

My lucky break was finding Ayurveda first through books then a doctor and finally studying. Ayurveda is the holistic healing system of India which treats the person as a whole and offers lifestyle adjustments for wellbeing and vitality.

It uses tools such as:

> nutrition,
> supporting the digestive system which is key to health and energy,
> establishing daily routines that build stamina and zest for life,
> an understanding that we are not all created equal when it comes to energy and lifestyle choices and therefore it is essential to learn what works for you specifically,
> supporting good sleep,
> aligning to daily and seasonal rhythms to draw from deep energy sources,
> working on the subtle mechanics of energy in the body through breath and other finer physical practices and
> detoxing the body gently but regularly.

Boundless Energy is the course I designed based on my own experience of flagging energy levels and using the deep wisdom of Ayurveda to correct the imbalances and release vigour and zing.

Boundless Energy

The programme is an invigorating lifestyle tonic of daily rituals to boost your energy. An 8 week online course that addresses energy leaks and teaches you practical strategies to create abundant vitality and thrive.

We use ancient wisdom from Ayurveda to assess your unique body-mind type and create a personal protocol for modern living that creates wellbeing.

I have passion for this work and you are in a safe environment with someone who has experienced energy burn-out and bounced back. I will share all that has helped with you.

How does it work?

You receive weekly:

> eBook classes onscreen or printable
> video greetings
> audio classes
> practical exercises
> Q&A video conferences
> access to a curated group forum to exchange with fellow “students”

This online experience starts as soon as you register and receive your first bonus module.

You will receive the second module on Monday 9 April 2018 and a new one each Monday afterwards for the duration of the programme.

We start our community calls on Monday 16 April 2018 at 8pm and every other Monday after that.

Our last day of class will be our 8th video call on Monday 4 June 2018.

See a clear schedule on the website.

What is the cost?

The investment for the class is a one-off £225.

I’m concerned about the technology?

There is really nothing to it. Everything is sent via email and all you have to do is click on the video greetings and the audio classes or pick up the calls.

How do I sign up?

Consult more information about the programme and what subject we cover each week on the website: AyurvedicLab.com under About The Course, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to register and purchase the class.

Class schedule

These are the topics each week:
* Step 1: The Natural World, Placing The Setting (what is Ayurveda?)
* Step 2: Your Inner Map (your unique body-mind type)
* Step 3: Digestion, Lighting Your Fire
* Step 4: Food & Ayurvedic Nutrition, Your Pantry Basics
* Step 5: Morning Routines & Massage
* Step 6: Evening Rituals & The Sleep Issue
* Step 7: Subtle Energies & The Breath
* Step 8: Seasonal Eating & Seasonal Cleanse
* Step 9: Evolving, Habit Changing (expert advice on building new habits)

More details are contained on the website, go visit for inspiration.

I can’t wait to speak to you and hear your story.

Sending love,

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By Anne Schouvey

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