4 tips to deal with fear and despair

img_1392It’s hard to describe how much satisfaction I get from reading and learning about Ayurveda continuously. This morning as I was randomly perusing through my collection of books I read these words which strike so right I want to share them with you exactly as I found them in Dr Robert Svoboda’s brilliant little book Ayurveda For Women: A Guide To Vitality And Health. Advice so simple it would appear airy fairy but in truth is rad if applied consciously. The following tips for dealing with fragmentation, fear, depression or related imbalances is just as pertinent whether you are a man, woman or young person. So here it is word for word:



What is the answer? Reconnect with the center of life. Unless the life you create for yourself is flowing along in harmony with Nature’s flow, you will find yourself slogging through existential fear and despair as the firm ground beneath your feet slips away. If that should be happening to you, here are a few suggestions for gaining back some traction.

LOOK BACK. Remember a moment from your earlier life when you felt happy, healthy, safe, and relaxed. Maybe it was during your childhood or your adolescence, maybe during early adulthood. Whenever it was, return yourself completely to that moment, and let the feelings you had then flood you until you are swimming in them. Then, floating in that feeling, return your conscious mind to the present time and try to overlay your current condition with those pleasing feelings.

LOOK FORWARD. Consider ways in which you can simplify your life. If you don’t even have time to think, ferret out some time for yourself (if necessary, without letting anyone else know what you are doing) and do something with it that makes you feel really nurtured – even if that something is nothing more than taking a catnap. Once you are feeling rested and renewed, review your priorities carefully. You are sure to find something that you can eliminate, or postpone, or reduce, and when you do, you will be at least that much less fragmented.

LOOK AROUND. Find a mentor, a wise and trusted counselor. She/he need not be older than you, but it should be someone who is interested in you and who has a better perspective than you do on what is going on in your life. He/she may have practical hints on how to restructure, revitalise, and renew yourself, or may simply be a wise person who nourishes you with their presence alone. (…)

LOOK WITHIN. Mother Nature lives within us all, all of the time. Once you have learned to contact her, you will never feel lonely again. That moment from your past when you felt integrated and whole (…), the inspiration you receive when you take time for yourself to reflect is engendered by her. (…) Wherever you are, you can always put yourself in Nature’s presence, if you can learn where to find her.


I leave you with a link to my Boundless Energy programme page where I have now added a course modules outline for tease. All being well I am working to launch in the last term of the year. If it appeals make sure to be in touch.



By Anne Schouvey

Modalities for vitality & holistic selfcare. Ayurveda, Breathwork, Reiki and Yoga. > Boundless Energy eCourse. > Yoga SocialEat > Medical Herbalism student

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