Happy Yuletide

img_1400Merry Christmas everyone!

So yes I’m feeling the vibe.

Having gone all anti-Christmas the last 2 years and with reservations again this year. Apprehending the big commercial event, the forced over-spending on all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons, gluttony and all other craziness.

But yeah, I’m feeling it. In good measure because the 2-year old is enjoying fun with the family and all the little gigs leading to it, the caroll’s, Christmas tree forrest, extravagant lightings and other elf encounters. I must say I do love me a bit of pagan imagery, traditions, story telling and fairy tale.

I had started a “conscious” stocking filler list in my head to share with you but I must admit to having lost the tempo shortly after penning these delightful conscious chocolate bars. Too much to do, to plan and too much conscious chocolate to savour!

So next week I’m looking forward to more connection, to slowing down and talking to family, to taking the time to taste what’s on my plate (ok, I try that one most days but I might give it more heart if that’s even possible), and to being truly present to see my girl delight in the festivities. What are you looking forward to?

I wish you a grand time spending precious moments with loved ones. I’ll be back in the new year. I have so many ideas and so many wishes for my work here in this space. I definitely have a lot to give but am struggling to find the time right now with having to dedicate myself largely to yoga teacher training when not being a mother. Not despairing though, I still have big hopes and plans for the blog and programme in 2015. All in good time.

Have a cracking time this Yule, sending abundant blessings for the new year.


A very long P.S.

I must give profuse thanks to Kimberly at The Little Plantation for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. I haven’t unfortunately had sufficient time to properly follow the rules. I haven’t got 11 bloggers to quote or 11 random facts about myself but here are some of the blogs I think are pretty awesome and the questions I’d like to ask them. Thanks a bunch Kimberly. Check her blog out you guys, it’s truly inspired!

Bloggers (please feel free to participate in the Liebster Award nomination or not, I won’t be offended if you skip – rules here)

1) Dillon at http://www.OhHolyBasil.com, her site is simply delightful and an aspiration for me. She oozes food and plant wisdom and the Ayurvedic knowledge I care about.
2) Kaity at http://www.FareIsle.com, so much magic and creative genius. Her blog and Instagram accounts are exquisite and I love the “traditional” vibe
3) Briar at http://www.MarbleAndMilkweed.com, potent beauty not exactly about food blogging but running an apothecary has to be a close cousin? And she was the first guest speaker in one of my new favourite yoga sources http://www.YokeQuarterly.com
4) Jess at http://www.WitchinInTheKitchen.com, beautiful, hearty cooking content, inspiration, I love her style.
5) Laura at http://www.food-alovestory.com, Laura has several business streams all to do with her passion, also mine, for Ayurveda. This is her food blog which is full to the brim with healing recipes and mouth-watering healthy platefuls. An amazing resource.

My questions to you:

1) Who inspires your love of cooking?

2) What ingredient could you not live without?

3) Is there a quirky cooking tip or recipe you secretly use/love & could share?

4) If you celebrate Christmas what will you cook? If not what about New Year’s Eve?

5) If I say coconut what comes to mind?

Thank you!

My questions answered:

1) Why do you write a blog?

I discovered my passion for Ayurveda later in life and it took me a while to realise it could be more than just a week-end hobbie. So this is not so much about writing a blog and more about me sharing my deep enthusiasm for Ayurveda and wanting to make a difference building work around what I value most. Ayurveda has a big focus on nutrition and digestion hence the cooking.

2) What cameras/lens do you use and why?

I still take most of my pictures on my iPhone or I buy them but although I am still only starting up I realise this is not an sustainable option in the long term so I have a lot to do and learn in that space.

3) How do you manage the “social media” element of blogging without it being too overwhelming?

I find the social media aspect fun so for me it comes easy, it’s playtime, however it can be addictive and  is not exactly nourishing for the soul so something that needs addressing when it comes up. At the moment I’m actually too busy juggling multiple roles & duties to dabble too much which is not a bad thing.

4) Do you listen to music during any part of the food blogging process (cooking, writing, styling, editing)? 5) If so, what do you listen to? If not, why not?

Sometimes. Ayurveda has a depth of knowledge about sound therapy and the healing vibrations of music and mantras. I have in the past played classical music or Indian tunes while cooking, or just plain fun sing-along songs. Also different body-mind types react differently to different types of music. You can really “infuse” your food with positive vibes/sounds.

6) Who eats the food you prepare for the blog?

My blog is not precisely a food blog but the suggested recipes I mention I cook for my close-knit family. I would love to do more as I gain experience though.

7) What can we expect from your blog in 2015?

More content, more depth and hopefully lots more recipes.

8) The best cookbook you ever bought was…

I love Ottolenghi’s Plenty and Jude Blereau’s wholefood books. I’m not very faithful though, I go everywhere and the best recipes are usually torn out of magazines or those handed by someone on a piece of paper that’s seen better days.

9) Where did you learn to cook?

Mhm in fairness I didn’t, I’m still learning and have a lot to learn!

10) If you had to chose what would your last meal be?

Very timely, my GrandMa’s chocolate Yule log. The best.

11) Sum up your cooking style in 3 words

Work in progress.



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By Anne Schouvey

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  1. Anne – I am so touched by your kind words! Thank you so much for the nomination, kindred spirit. And thank you for sharing your wisdom and deep knowledge with us through the portal of this blog. Wishing you the happiest christmas and a blessed new year. all love…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Anne! Your blog, and the nomination touch and inspire me. And what great company. I love all the named blogs, and love our growing community of conscious, loving, healing, wholesome sisters. Wishing you and your family a Delightful Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

    Liked by 1 person

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